Hey, Jealousy…

Every time I see jealousy mentioned, it’s negative. It’s either from the person who is experiencing the disturbing emotion and struggling through it, or it is regarded hatefully by people who view it as weak.

This is disappointing. Poor jealousy gets a bad rap. She’s quite resourceful and powerful, if you know how to use her. She’s the best slut I know.

I am a full-blooded Scorpio, and being jealous is as normal to me as breathing. When I am jealous, I am alive, I am aware, I am pushing myself to reach for the things I don’t yet have. When I am jealous in regards to My Master, I am steeped in my love for Him, my obsession with Him, my awareness that He chooses me. I love the feeling. It endears me to Him; it creates an unrest that propels me to bow, and beg, and behave for Him.

When I embrace my jealousy, I am nowhere close to weak. When I see a woman who has what I want, or a woman who has what My Master wants — a powerful fire is lit within me. I remember the primal nature of myself, and My Master. I remember how succulent His sexuality is. I remember my role in Him. And it’s a powerful role. No one else could give to Him the way that I do, and I love the challenge of keeping that true.

I like to spar with my jealousy…when she tries to use my insecurities against me and make me feel less than something or someone else, I put my gloves on and remind her who I am. I am My Master’s dirty little slave, who exists to serve every desire He can dream of. I am the one who was created to be exactly where I am, and I am powerfully keen to have chosen a Master worthy enough to cherish and enslave me.

There is such sweet submission when I let my jealousy pour over me, and all over My Master. He treasures my jealousy and possessiveness because of the way I use it to revere His adoration, and respect His choice in dominating me. Every time He sees the white hot fire of jealousy burning in my eyes, He is reminded just how steadfast my love for Him really is, and the Master in Him is reignited in that moment. This is so sexy when it happens in a room full of people and only He and I know that we are lost in a dark, painfully glorious sexual embrace that requires nothing but eye contact from across a room.

Jealousy brings growth and life and revolution. Weakness could never do that.

Shift your focus, and master yourself; In this, jealousy can be your greatest ally.


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