Can I help you take a nap, SIr?

He works so hard, for everyone before himself. He doesn’t like naps, but he’s extra sleepy today, so I encourage him to relax in his lazy boy and at least rest.

He starts to drift off, and I’m sitting on the floor in front of him with the baby on my lap. I don’t have a foot fetish, but he’s my master and every inch of his body is lickable, suckable, kissable. He always tastes clean, even when he’s dirty. He isn’t into feet either; I think we were both surprised at how much my worshipping his feet turned us on.

I see his strong, sexy feet peeking out from under the blanket, and I lean over and give him a few sensual kisses on the arch of his foot, and a couple on his toes. He tastes like magic as usual. I keep covering his foot with slow, wet kisses, meant to convey my pure devotion and submission and admiration. He’s surprised when his cock rises and begs for attention; his cock knows all about this wet mouth.

I lick between each toe, I take three in my mouth at once, I get his big toe as far as I can into my mouth, and suck hard. I graze the skin below the toes with titillating bites. He starts jacking off his thick, hard cock. I moan, suck, and lick even more passionately than before. I want a mouthful of him in my mouth, and I want someone to be sucking his cock while I devour his feet.

I switch to the other foot, which takes him over the edge. As he is about to cum, he shoves all five toes into my mouth and orders me to suck them all while he fucks my mouth with his foot. I put the baby down, and get to his cock just in time to suck every drop of jizz, and I wait for him to look at me before I drip his load all over him and suck it off again.

He’s sleeping so sweetly.


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